Friday, 8 August 2014

show don't tell

last week we were doing show don't tell in our
writing now next time I would have to work on
to not rush my work.  today I was good at making
it scary.

she walking past a big fat tree seeing zombie’s  and a pizest 
 doll sitting on the ground kid’s laughing in the background clowns crying  she see’s the Blair witch suddenly... a gun goes off  bang bang she see’s dead people coming at her… then she get lost in the misty air and surrounded by trees, suddenly…


  1. Hi Mitchell that was so cool I like how you made it even scarier Like the marked ones But I think that you need to re-read and make more sentence but I wonder what will hapend next But cool picture.

  2. Hey Mitchell. that's a awesome story I like the way put zombies in that makes it more interesting. Maybe next time you can add a bit of colour to your fonts but from that said that's a cool story