Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Show Not Tell week 4

Over the past two days in writing WALT show not tell to describe and expand on one features of our character. I think I did well as I used my imagination


Mack had frog eyes that were hazel brown 
every time he blinks blood come out of his eyes
Mack did not have any eyelashes
Mack  did not have any hair he was  allergic to hair
because when he  grows hair he will die.

Macks teeth would chatter when he jumps in the water 
Mack teeth were glowing green
Mack had very spiky, claws like  teeth
that could  rip a bulls horns  off.

Friday, 8 August 2014

show don't tell

last week we were doing show don't tell in our
writing now next time I would have to work on
to not rush my work.  today I was good at making
it scary.

she walking past a big fat tree seeing zombie’s  and a pizest 
 doll sitting on the ground kid’s laughing in the background clowns crying  she see’s the Blair witch suddenly... a gun goes off  bang bang she see’s dead people coming at her… then she get lost in the misty air and surrounded by trees, suddenly…