Thursday, 3 July 2014

explode the moment.

987654321.“I hope I don’t get found” as I was whispering to myself. I was sprinting down the hallway.  I see a door open up I tried to push myself in the kubid. He went past with a big fat “bang”on the door  I thought the clock smashed I open the door as small as possible. I see  him running past me I slammed   the door. and then he turns around and he whispering come out  wherever you areI what bit you.


  1. Mitchell, what a great description of play Hide and Seek. It makes me remember playing lots of games when I was younger. I think we might need to fix up the end bit because it doesn't quite make sense. If you need help come and see me.

  2. Kia ora Mitchell. I like the way you started your story with numbers to show someone is counting down. I like the bit about you trying to push yourself in a cupboard - I get a good picture in my head of that scene. Miharo.
    from Mrs Morgan-French

  3. HI Mitchell I like your picture because it has a nice back round.