Friday, 30 May 2014

Dvolver Movie

this is my video  would you like to watch 


Room 17 assembly

On Wednesday  it was room 17 assembly  I got sent off the stage because I was being silly  I went down  and then I was getting good by miss wihongi's class I was happy first.            

Friday, 16 May 2014

Bio poem

He is sporty, clever  and a game freak.
Who is the Son of  Marg and Mark.
He loves playing games all the time.
He sometimes feels happy sad lonley excited mad and glad.
He is scared of girls  and bull dogs  and fire.
He loves the game because he can drive a car  and he can kill people
He is a boy
Who thinks Tuatara wins all the time.

The Duffy Show

On the first Wednesday we had an awesome Duffy Performance. It was so funny that we were laughing loud as. All the characters were really crazy even we were. Duffy The King of Books had his famous uncle Bingo coming over but there was a problem he didn't like reading. But Duffy had a plan he would make The Very Best Book. We had a lot of fun because we got to throw al. these crazy ideas into the book. But it didn't work out. But Rosie saved the day with her lovely present.
The Duffy Show from Room 17 on Vimeo.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Holiday Recount

Walt  -   recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

In the holiday  I went to the ratana paa to ask If I could join the  band.
I had to do my scales. Me and my friend Chris were bursting to get to the church.  Then I had to sit there for ages and  it was getting a bit boring so I went outside but  it  was wet  so I went to go  to  the kitchen.  In the kitchen we had a  big big feed.  We had Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Burger King. We had to practice  our new instruments.   My papa called out to me  he said come on mitchell we are late please  come on.  Then the  bell  went bong. We did not know how to play the instruments.
At the ratana paa I had to meet everyone but I knew some people there because we are related. I was so shy then  I had to try my instrument  while I was there. I had to  learn my scales  it was very  very hard.

My papa was helping me out with my scales for the kettle drum then I  was finished. I was very happy  when I joined  the  ratana band it was cool to be in the piriwiritua band.