Thursday, 13 November 2014

mma TEAM

what we should do next time is not fight

and not cause troble   


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

On a sunny day there was a 12 year old girl called Stella. She was on camp and she had her own cabin. When the class did their first activity Stella was disgusted by it because it was fishing. Miss Puff knows that Stella is a girly girl and she hates fishing.
On the boat. Stella was just sitting and waiting on the seat next to Mitchell. She grab her rod and the bait was already on. Stella dropped her road in and then she shouted “Ohh What’s Happening”?. Stella was pulled in the lake by a big ika and she got wet . Mitchell saved Stella When she got pulled up on the sand the class all shouted “KA AROHA HOKI STELLA”.

At lunch time Stella was wearing kowhai and wasps hate the colour yellow.  When Stella was eating her sandwich she was getting annoyed by something and she didn’t know what it was. “AAHHHHHH” Stella had a red mark on her arm . Stella was saved again by Mitchell. The Class all shouted “KA AROHA HOKI STELLA”.

On the last day of camp it started to get rainy. The teachers were giving out the badges in the lounge. Stella was thinking I am never gonna get a badge because of all the stupid things I did. Miss Puff called up Stella because she didn’t cry when she got pulled in the lake and when she got stung by a wasp. After the badges Stella was officially gone from being a girly girl too a scout girl. She told her mum about her trip over and over again. The End
By Kiana and Mitchell.

Friday, 24 October 2014

buddy reading


on Friday I Enjoyed reading with my  buddy  there  book 
were very easy one of the books was called may felt sad.  I think me and my buddy felt happy

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Show Not Tell week 4

Over the past two days in writing WALT show not tell to describe and expand on one features of our character. I think I did well as I used my imagination


Mack had frog eyes that were hazel brown 
every time he blinks blood come out of his eyes
Mack did not have any eyelashes
Mack  did not have any hair he was  allergic to hair
because when he  grows hair he will die.

Macks teeth would chatter when he jumps in the water 
Mack teeth were glowing green
Mack had very spiky, claws like  teeth
that could  rip a bulls horns  off.

Friday, 8 August 2014

show don't tell

last week we were doing show don't tell in our
writing now next time I would have to work on
to not rush my work.  today I was good at making
it scary.

she walking past a big fat tree seeing zombie’s  and a pizest 
 doll sitting on the ground kid’s laughing in the background clowns crying  she see’s the Blair witch suddenly... a gun goes off  bang bang she see’s dead people coming at her… then she get lost in the misty air and surrounded by trees, suddenly…

Thursday, 3 July 2014

explode the moment.

987654321.“I hope I don’t get found” as I was whispering to myself. I was sprinting down the hallway.  I see a door open up I tried to push myself in the kubid. He went past with a big fat “bang”on the door  I thought the clock smashed I open the door as small as possible. I see  him running past me I slammed   the door. and then he turns around and he whispering come out  wherever you areI what bit you.

Friday, 27 June 2014

the best movie out

Feeling? a dog at the back of the door
Saying?  I'm a mouse let me in
Seeing? a dog going to eat me
Hearing? a dog by the door
Thinking?  the dog world make me die
Doing? getting scared

oh a white door, it is going to make my eyes go blind it is too bright they flopped out I fall on the ground  the vacuum swept my eyes up.